What Bahá’ís Do?

Beyond the principle of oneness, a most pivotal concept in the Bahá’í teachings is that the refinement of one’s inner character and service to humanity are inseparable facets of life. In view of this concept, Bahá’ís have come to appreciate the operation of a two-fold purpose that is fundamental to their lives: to attend to their own spiritual and intellectual growth and to contribute to the transformation of society. This two-fold purpose helps to shape the efforts of Bahá’ís in all areas, and to acheive this, they are engaged in a systematic and participatory educational process that begins at a young age as children and follows their development through their junior youth years and beyond through adulthood. Integral to, and at the core of, this process is the development of a devotional character, both in their personal lives through a practice of daily prayer and reflection , and collectively through devotional gatherings.